01 June 2010

fact/auta: jahatnya..ape salahnya nak beri bantuan

israel..wat a shit country...LL4G,Life Line For Gaza, doesnt matter dat shit country scared if all those persons make a reformation to Gaza or rebuild dat deminished country to attack them back....eventhough, it has been state clearly that they juz brought items like medicals, foods and all sort of things israel still not allow them 2 come near Gaza beach..afraid huh until attack those unarmed volunteers till they died even not all of the volunteers died, if shown the cruelty of this shit country...al fatihah to them...fighting of releasing gaza n palestine..boycott israel n america items might be a little help i thought...Ya Allah,Kau selamatkanlah umat2 Mu,binasakan lah Yahudi itu...aminnn....


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