13 December 2009

anak kecil main api...

isu yg agak hot to be talked about..n its become a controversy when pakatan rakyat selangor kuar kan arahan agar pelajar IPT n kakitgn kerajaan x sertai kursus BTN...
at first BTN ni diwujudkan dgn objective nak tanamkan semangat cintakan negara/patriotisme to peserta..but as time past BTN has changed..it become propaganda UMNO-BN dengan meniupkan semangat perkauman untuk kepentingan dorg..may be..it all juz my opinion..in fact it may become vice versa...isu ni timbul since our 5th PM-Dato Seri Najib lancarkan slogan 1 MALAYASIA..
tp as a student yg penah join kursus ni pon i can conclude dat BTN nie macam die make us thinks dat our race is da bez...senang kate api2 kan kaum malays dgn kaum lain especially cina n india...patot ke dorg wat macam nie???padahal kite di ajar bersatu padu, semangat muhibbah r n macam2 lagi since kite jejak kan kaki kat skolah
kalo x jejak kaki pon 4 sure penah dgr..papan iklan kat jalan9 raya also ade promote pasal perpaduan...ke BTN nie nak soh peristiwa 13 may nie jadi semula...dat scary..people now more advances so dat a little misunderstanding can coz a huge war..thus it gave advantages to the outsider as they are memg dah lame nak hancur kan malaysia nie..eg our neighbour country i'sia(ade ke patot hack cyberspace malaysia hack blek baru tau..hu9)
One more thing pasal BTN nie..peserta wajib nyanyi lagu tema BTN..lagu pe erk?4 sure r x lain x bukan "ANAK KECIL MAIN API"...lagu nie bgs..tp in other side of thinking...die tanamkan semangat patriotisme melayu...mase mula9 dapat lagu nie time btn i told my frenz dat diz song macam bau9 perkauman jer..tp wat derk jer..dun care much..coz nak blek cepat
(nk habiskan cpt..dah r wajib pegi..borink tol)
tp sekarang modul BTN dah dirombak untuk memuaskan hati sume pihak..so dat juz wait n c da result..but for me..x kesah r BTN nie brainwash kite macam mane pon yg penting kite istiqomah..hati 2 kene teguh beb..keringkan jer hati dgr ceramah dorg 2 kalo x minat but maybe sumtimes kite bley dapat gak some good info 2 be debate about or juz a knowledge or else buke mate tp tido..ha99...nway its all up to us..
we as a student cannot be easily be their doll to be fool around...we have our way...become a free thinker may be suitable as long as u r called IPT students coz kite ade kekangan dgn AUKU..kebebasan mahasiswa x fully utilize lagi..ha9..so juz be urself..n think da bez for urself...

12 December 2009


facebook dulu xde r macam nowadays..dulu slalue gak main game kat fb but since die dah tukar format nie kemalasan giler nak on fb n main games kat fb...x bape suke dgn new format nie...tp sekarang dah makin ramai dah maen games kat fb..many of my frenz sanggup berhabis duit kat paypal n menambah kepenatan mate ngadap fb 24 hours.sume nyer untuk maen games n nak increase their level..
therefore..does fb will effect us or the users?coz penggunaan
intrnet become high as a result of many of us use internet 4 surfing on social networking..many organisations n universities have blocked this website not because 4 forbid us for using fb or it
brought a bad effects juz we always misused it...dat sad..students spend more time in social networking compared to do research or find information for their homework..i did surf social network too, sometimes, but not frantic on it. but for me..its all up to ourself to divide our time for study n have fun..games are good but if 2 much it will become worse..and at last it will effect our daily life...in conclusion..discipline is da bez medicine...we should discipline ourself
n conduct ourself in involve sumthings..

zaman berubah...

one of article title from akhbar harian metro about kenaikan emas kahwin kat selangor...
rase2 patot x dorg naik kan harga emas kahwin nie? 4 me agak patot r coz usually dorg gune duit
mas kahwin nie untuk beli jewellery so dat mane de harga jewellery zaman sekarang nie price die in puluh9 RM..so dat suitable r kalo JAIS 2 naik kan price mas kahwin..
but kalo in the other side some people mungkin nampak it become burden coz macam mahal sgt,kenaikkan macam sudden n our economy not stabilize yet...tp it sort of worth coz it simplify a women dignity..women may b not care much about diz but they may b want their husband-to-be affordable n x berkira sgt about mas kahwin nie...for men..x kan nak berkira sgt kot, mas kahwin kan lagi pentg n plg di utama kan besides mas kahwin 2 pon untuk ur wife gak...in
future may be se-malaysia akan naik kn mas kahwin nie stage by stage..hu9

11 December 2009

which broadband is better...ermmm

broadband = jalur lebar mane pilihan anda..nowadays we got so many options to choose our own broadband...but which one is the best...kesimpulan nyer sume ade its own advantages and advantages...

the most famous one-CELCOM BROADBAND
celcom broadband die nyer coverage okagak wide...coz celcom ade 3G and 3.5G which is HSDPA
tp pakej tawaran depends on the user the expensive much better especiallly for downloading
yg bez nyer celcom bb is unlimited some got contract some dun have...so its depends on ur choices...

the interesting one.access through dis BB is fast compared to the above bb..hu9..harge pon seems much cheaper
But through maxis BB customers were tied into a contract..leceh r pakai contract2 nie...ade limit plak 2 ...

digi nie kelakar sket , ade broadband tp xder plak videocall rase nyer ... tp kalo nak apply digi,dorg akan tnye n check area kite whether in 3G area o EDGE area kalo ade 3G ok r bley gune 3G line or else pakai je r si EDGE..hu9.digi pon ok coz xder contract..

this broadband provided by telekom malaysia berhad...tp probs nyer kadg9 stremyx slalue hang..coz TM x mau ketinggalan so dorg pon wat r gak mobiliti nyer type...tp yg leceh nyer juz blh access kat kawasan yg ade streamyx zone jer..kalo xder xdapat r nak on9 n surf net..hu9

the new comer-P1 WIMAX
P1= packet one....as usual mesti r ade modem kan but in wimax modem usb dorg called wiggy...wat a cute name..ha99..org kate si wiggy ni nyer access cepat..may be kot x penah try lagi..tp berdasar pe yg tau die nyer access cepat coz die ade pakai antenna MIMO where it will work fast not become burden so dat x r slow kite nyer access n x payah tensen9 n borink9 tunggu...sekaraang ade byk promotion on wimax tp sampai biler dorg bley bg fast access dulu celcom pon laju gak per....

02 December 2009

terkejutz...its still alive

today...juz a few minute ago my little younger brother brought back a few huge ikan patin...and one of them is still alive..mama da one who taken da baton of responsible from my brother got shock when dat ikan tetibe melompat...da funniest thing mama pass da baton n asked me to wrapped dat ikan n put it on the fridge...oh coz i declined it as it make me afraid but as a rockerz im still go..but...once da ikan melompat lagi kite pon run n never turn back..poor fish...da worse part mama dont eat dat fish so do i
there4 my family will having a barbeque to grill out da fishes...my sis n bro will invited their frenz to eat da ikan yg my bro pancing for about 5 hour( 5hours=rm28)... actually da total amount he got for ikan patin only is 7 not included others type of fishes..
bley plak my bro nie bawa ikan patin masuk bilik coz nak show off die berani pegang...ha9.
berlari r kite se umah...terkejutz beb..lemah jantung even jantung still tough lg...
however datz a good experiencce for us...i dislike ikan patin coz its look like macam ikan keli...until now dat ikan still alive..hu9..so sad.....

01 December 2009

lets baked a blackforest cake...

diz post i dedicated to tqah(bkn name sebenar) he9....tqah lets baked a black forest cake on ur holiday free time..he9..for others out there, also can practiced it during ur free time..baking is easy not complicated is like programming when u can solve da programming rule/exercises u will felt great n it totally awesome..but u still have need to put an afford on it t or else its going no where...

so lets baked! first of all 4 sure we need the ingredients..the ingredients are:

Eggless chocolate sponge cake
(bley gak gune care yg terpamer kat kotak on how 2 make choc cake)
1/2 tin canned cherries and syrup
1 cup fresh whipped cream
3 tbsp powdered sugar
4 tbsp grated dark or plain chocolate (and chilled)
1/2 tsp vanilla essence

1- Beat the cream over a tray of icecubes with a hand beater. Do not overbeat. It should form
soft peaks.
2-Fold in the sugar and essence.(mix it gently). Put some icing in a icing gun leave the rest in the
bowl. Keep both in the refrigerator.
3-Slice the cake into 2 horizontal halves (place on a tray on a mesh)
4-Sprinkle 2-3tbsp syrup of cherries on each half. Allow to soak for 10 minutes.
5-Spread the cream icing on lower half. Transfer to a cake plate.
Place the cherries on the cream(save a few for topping)
6-Place the other half on top. With icing gun decorate top edging. Spread the chocolate flakes all
over and decorate with cherries.

however during my first baked diz cake not well serve...he99 so dont give up until u get da perfect one..he9.

borink N kemalasan

rase nyer almost 2 week dah lepak kat umah tp still x hang out lg..malas..my parents dah bebel2 soh kuar jer...malas r....xkan x tau anak kamu yg sorang ni memg pemalas...my mama pon asyik push soh kuar g jogging pg2..mama kate karg kalo sukan saket badan jgn nak ngadu9 kat mama(tp memg pon ngadu.he9)..tp kalo ngadu pon nati mama soh minum segala soup yg pelik2.yummy ade yuck-y pun ade..hu9 sume nyer 4 recover n healing back our body..he9..thanx mama..mama memg rock but im more rock=rockest..ha9..


29 November 2009

raya haji datang lagi...

27 nov 09 all musllims around da world celebrating eid adha..
so do i...but this time my family celebrating in a little differ way as there is no many family members will come to visit us as many of them going off to makkah..
my mama only cook a little amount of dish as ' lauk ' but all the dishes only finish been eaten last nite(after 3 days)..tu pon habis x habis coz my family on diet right now...
abah put away his dinner mama seems like that so da only one take supper was me..heavy supper !thats why im became fatty right now kot...ha9.
nway mama n abah x wat qurban diz year coz they did it last year.besides. sape nak makan daging byk9 x elok for their health as they will faced many disease if not take a good care of their meals..

so to all my frenz out there take a gud care of urself n health..even im late still wanna 2 wish...
selamat menyambut hari raya aidil adha 1430H...

28 November 2009

my first article again....

hye there..seems i have to write my blog again...i think diz have been my 3rd blog.im always forgetting....dah tua nampak nyer..hoping dis time i'll be loyal to diz blog..hope so,why am i joined back to this blogger field? there is no reason..just for fun...may be it will become my external diaries..he9

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